Some say that selling is an art and just like art, selling is a matter of perception. For example, some paintings get sold for millions of dollars while others won’t even sell for pennies. Why? Because of perception. It is the perception that the painter behind the million dollar painting is worth the money that makes the buyer buy it, while the other painting worth pennies holds value to no one, except its creator maybe.

The point is, some people are great sellers and some people are terrible sellers. Some people are good buyers while others are terrible buyers. The art of selling, just like any art, is no joke. As the saying goes: No pain, no gain.

Here are different ways to advertise the sale of your item(s) for sale in Kigali, Rwanda.

Sell online

There are many websites where one can list items for sale in Rwanda and the great thing about them is that they are all free. Among them:

  • Living in Kigali forum “Buy & Sell”.
  • Kigali Life Yahoo Group.
  • Tohoza.
  • Imali.
  • Facebook “Kigali Buy & Sell” group.
  • Facebook “Expat Group”.

Sell offline

Some of the best places to print a flyer and put it on display in Kigali:

  • KCT Food court – Make sure to ask if you can put your flyer on the board.
  • Frulep – Putting up your flyer here will cost money.
  • Woodlands Nyarutarama – Putting up your flyer here will cost money.
  • T2000 – At the top of the entrance stairs on the right hand side, free.
  • J Lynns – Bagel place located in Kicukiro.
  • Nakumatt – Currently have two shops in the city center, go to both.

Garage Sale

Another way to get rid of your personal belongings in Rwanda is to organize a garage sale. Set a time and a date and promote your event online and/or offline. Garage sales can be quite successful if titled “everything must go”. With that being said, don’t try to fool anyone or they won’t buy. Price your items at a “good deal” price in this case.

Is it negotiable?

There is only one answer to this question, and it should be yes. Should it be a no, the no would be met with an “ok, thank you” – read goodbye. Negotiating the price is a common practice throughout most of Africa and Kigali is no exception to the rule. Price your item(s) accordingly.

Some tips

Do not forget to ask yourself about whether or not people know the value of the item you are trying to sell. In some cases, it really helps to put a link of the item for sale on your ad so that people can see its original value. This will also help you avoid getting ridiculous offers.

In some instances, people manage to sell their things pretty quickly. But you should know and be prepared that it takes time to sell something in Rwanda. So do not hesitate to start selling early.

Good luck selling and don’t forget to put your contact info on your ads/flyers.