One of the particularities of design is that, in the vast majority of cases, it is made by human beings for human beings – one way or the other. So this means that, the more people are involved, the more complicated and time-consuming the process becomes. This is one of the reasons why you should never design for more than one person per project.

When working on a project, whether it be web design or graphic design, it is highly recommended to work for only one person on the other end. In other words, one client. The reason being is that in a lot of cases, people working as part of the same team have different visions and opinions about what needs to be done.

Below are some of the most common problems you will experience while undertaking a project for two or more people:

Communication issues

If you ever design for more than one person, you will almost certainly experience communication issues. Having to send multiple emails to multiple people, then having to digest and reply to confusing replies going in different directions can certainly make you doubt the very foundation of your work.

One way to counter this is to ask to only correspond with one email address. However, that will not make you immune to another email coming in halfway through the project about how “this is not at all what we had in mind.”

Conflicting views

It is a well known fact that we all see the world differently. Perception is all that matters. Should you design for more than one person, you’d find the meaning behind this fact.

Colors, shapes, forms, fonts, sizes, are all a matter of personal preference. If you have to deal with two or more people deciding what they want, you will realize that perception is an absolute truth. One perception per human being.

Waste of time

An important amount of time will be lost during the two previously mentioned obstacles you will be facing during the project. It is said that the best designs are timeless, so if you’re wasting your time on design, chances are you are not going to produce something great.

And there is another factor that encompasses all the above: More revisions. You will most probably have to produce more revisions of your work because of communication issues and conflicting views, which will all result in a rather serious waste of time in the end.

In conclusion

Even when working with a big client, make sure you only have to deal with one person calling the shots on the other side of the spectrum, it will save you a lot of troubles.

Note: With all of this being said, big projects always involve big teams. In this instance, people usually have a clear understanding of what needs to be done before they start. This article is more about smaller project for private clients. In this case, try to avoid designing for more than one person per project.