If you are thinking of starting your own business, you need to consider your online marketing strategies before anything else. The biggest heavy-hitters of industry in 2017 (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Etsy, Airbnb) have well-honed online presences tied directly to their success. Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or not, your ability to adapt and build customer loyalty through online marketing strategies will make or break your venture.

Luckily you’re not alone in building a business! If you prepare well, your online marketing strategies will enhance what you need your business to be, both online and offline. Take a few pieces of advice from our experts in the field, and start applying them today. You’ll find that these simple yet effective techniques will have big impacts. Here’s our top five for online marketing strategies.

Authentic Social Media Presence

It sure can seem tempting to pay someone in the Philippines to just blast everything social media from Hootsuite, but we can tell you that it just won’t take the place of real presence online. Your online marketing strategies need to include a genuine set of posts and the attempt to build authentic community around your business. Posting things that people care about and genuinely interacting with potential customers (i.e. everyone on social media) is a great way to target new interest. Don’t forget not to spam!

Content-Driven Website

This of course depends somewhat on the nature of your business, but it can be a great idea to drive traffic to your website. This is one of the best ways to use online marketing strategies, because it does the double duty of attracting new customers to your site while setting you up to be a knowledge source. White papers, long-form guides to download, and blog posts can drive this strategy.

Reach Out for Endorsements

Your local weather woman. The quarterback of the local college. A famous writer who lives in your hometown. All these people represent a wealth of networking that you can use to your business advantage. You can reach out in person or online, and build a relationship with a local famous person who can help you target new customers. Send them a sample of your product or offer them a service at a discount. The best part about this online marketing strategy is that it’s free!

Snazzy Design

You can’t afford to have shabby design in 2017. Great news, though! You can do it yourself to help with your online marketing strategies. You need eye-catching graphics? Pay for a new logo that fits your business on a freelance website. You want to make a beautiful photo-stitched collage? Try out Fotor for free. Work hard and you’ll make a real impression on new customers.

Tailor Your Adwords

This is the most important of the online marketing strategies. You have only a few words to grab attention, and you have to make people click through. Your CTR (click-through rate) is directly connected to how your words make customers feel. It might not be pretty, but the highest CTR ads have anger, disgust, and fear responses. You can also focus on affirming beliefs that customers already hold dear. This tactic will get you better ad placement on social media platforms, too.

Online Marketing Strategies Made Easy

If you want to avoid all the pain related to this time-consuming process, you can always get a professional agency to do the work for you. Get in touch with us and let’s skyrocket your online marketing strategies!