Do you remember the first time that a video auto-played on your Facebook feed? When the first social networks were imagined in the late 2000s, it would have been difficult to foresee that video would take such a prime place.

And now in 2017, it’s everywhere. Video on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat. It’s clear that the video medium is one which is growing and shifting into all areas of online life. So the question is: How can you jump on the train and attract business?

Work Video Into Your Social Media

Strong posts include compelling video segments. Remember to consider the ‘autoplay’ feature on most networks and plan for a BANG at the beginning of the content. That way you grab attention and hold it. You don’t want clickbait. The goal is to make people want to hear more of the story you create with the video.

Make An Annoying TV Commercial

You still need TV adverts in 2017. Yes, there are many other places to spend your advertising money, but a culture has arisen around commercials and their place in society. Think of the Superbowl and how companies pay millions of dollars for their video to be featured.

If you are a start-up, you probably don’t have millions to spend on advertisements during the Superbowl. In that case, you need a hook. Sometimes an annoying sound or a gimmick makes it memorable!

Find a Great Producer

Obviously you want to make sure that your videos are the highest quality money can buy. In this case, finding a great producer is imperative. Therefore, you need to have a crew who really understands the current trends and how they can be applied. Some say it’s half the battle to produce a video with a clean and aesthetically-pleasing look. Get in touch with someone who is really in touch with the ‘cool’ crowd in your area. Pay attention to video editing. Do something new!

Make a Long-Form Advertisement

This one is tricky because it requires significant investment. You want to invest in a narrative. This could be a longer story that takes about 3-5 minutes, and you will want to get actors to be involved. Ideally, you should aim for the feelings of the person watching. These videos tend to go viral on Youtube and Facebook if the emotional impact is high. Your business could see a lot more traffic if you manage to tell a good story and make people feel.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth millions! Luckily, you needn’t pay so much for the privilege of video advertising. Our agency can provide resources for you so that your work is some of the best on the web. We’d love to help you implement these tips (and a few we keep to ourselves) so that your business will attract more customers. Let’s get started now.