2017 has been an amazing year for online marketing and the industry is steadily growing. The end of the year is quite near and it is probably time that we think about how the industry is going to change in the foreseeable future. To succeed in marketing, it is important to have the foresight to plan ahead, anticipate changes, and adopt trends in online adverts before your competitors do. You do not necessarily need to use all of them, but being aware of their existence can give you a competitive edge.

The Rise of Augmented Reality

Users are now increasingly aware of augmented reality and are ready to adopt the technology. A few years ago, nobody thought that Pokémon Go would become such a success earning more than $10 million per day in revenues at its peak. Although enthusiasm for the app has significantly decreased, it has given online marketing professionals a taste of the earning potential in augmented reality. Many companies will increasingly come up with augmented reality games, adverts, and apps.

Live Video Streaming in Online Adverts

Users, especially those on social media platforms, are increasingly demanding more live content because of its ability to provide insights into a world that they previously did not have access to. The use of live content has become a trend in the design of digital adverts thanks to faster internet speeds and accessibility to mobile devices and applications. Companies are developing applications that provide some form of live streaming functionality drawing millions of people in.

Increased Use of Data Visualization Tools

Data is the lifeblood of marketing professionals all over the world. It enables them to understand consumer behavior including who is buying what, where, and why. It also helps marketers know the most effective messaging platform. However, data analysts and users frequently face the problem of understanding exactly what data is saying. Fortunately, technology is increasingly catching up with the visualization and interpretation parts of data analysis. Businesses are increasingly using data visualization tools to understand big data. The complexity of data analysis accounts for the increase in demand for data visualization tools in the creation of online adverts.

Rise of Native Advertising

One of the oldest trends in online marketing is native advertising. Businesses have used it for years because it provides an easy way to achieve brand awareness. However, native adverts are now on an upward swing because users are increasingly ignoring various forms of conventional adverts. Native advertising provides an effective way of getting consumers’ attentions. However, many businesses are using newer, more improved methods of native advertising.

Targeting Niche Markets

Although the number of consumers in the online marketing world has remained relatively steady, the industry is becoming increasingly crowded. Many brands have flooded the industry for a piece of the action, especially in the fields of content and social media marketing. One of the best solutions to this problem is to create adverts that target a more specific niche and appeal to a narrower demographic. As a result, many companies are targeting specific market niches with personal-level adverts and content.

These trends in online adverts may continue for a while. However, avoid diving headlong into them. Instead, research the most effective solutions for online adverts and come up with strategies for including them in your adverts.