YouTube videos can be a powerful tool that will grow your business and help your brand generate more leads because people love watching videos. Over 55% of internet users watch videos online every single day. And most people stick with YouTube. More than 55 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day.

If you aren’t using YouTube videos for your business, you should seriously consider them. Here are 4 techniques that you can incorporate right now.

Publish YouTube videos regularly

When it comes to YouTube videos, volume wins. The more videos you’ll publish, the more viewership you’ll gain. But creating new videos gets challenging. So here are a few ideas to help you publish quality videos more often on your channel.

  1. Create professional product videos.
  2. Break webinars and webcasts into small videos and publish them individually.
  3. Publish video customer testimonials.
  4. Run a video contest. It will provide you with a lots of user generated videos.
  5. Post video interviews of customers, employees, influencers, and celebrities.

While volume matters, quality is more important – don’t compromise.

Make the best use of description field

Use description field smartly. This is where you can describe your video, insert links, add CTAs, and write optimized content that will help your video rank better in both Google and YouTube search results pages.

Write a short description of your video, add primary keywords, add links to other YouTube videos you’ve uploaded, add a link to a relevant landing page, and follow all SEO best practices.

Here are a few techniques to write killer descriptions.

  1. Insert a link to your website or a landing page in the first line so that it is the first thing users see.
  2. Writing detailed unique descriptions will help your videos rank higher. It’s best if you can post a 400 to 500 words unique article in description.
  3. Add links to other related YouTube videos on your channel. You can add as many links as you want at the end of the description.

Here is a great tutorial on writing awesome descriptions.

Customize your channel

Your YouTube channel is the face of your business. Better make it great.

YouTube allows you to customize your channel. Make use of it. Convert it into a powerful landing page to capture leads for your business. You can add images, links, and relevant information to connect with your customers.

Use CTAs

Use powerful call-to-actions with every single video you publish. The purpose of each CTA should be to send viewers to a relevant landing page. Not sending traffic to your business website from YouTube is a big mistake (that a lot of channels make).

Annotations, cards, and description are the best places where you can put CTAs. Besides, you can add verbal and in-video CTAs that are great for brand awareness and will drive direct traffic to your website.

Test different variations of CTAs for their performance with the help of UTM codes. Find the best performing CTAs, and then stick to them.

YouTube videos aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Businesses that don’t use YouTube videos to promote and grow their brand will soon be out of business. Make sure you’re not one of them. Get in touch with us and see how we can grow your business together.