Google Cloud Print is revolutionising the way we manage and run our offices. It allows small businesses to use any printer from anywhere. With cloud printing, employees don’t need to be at their desk to share files and print documents.

So why is it time time to start using Google Cloud Print for your small business? Because it can help you, your employees, and your business in the following ways:

Instant smooth setup

Cloud print supports every printer. And you can get started in as low as five minutes without any additional device. If you’re using the internet in your office and you have a printer, which we’re sure you do, you can share it with every single employee within five minutes.

Here is what you need:

  1. A google account.
  2. Any printer.
  3. Google Chrome.

Here is a step-by-step guide to start using cloud print service.

The best part? You have to set up your printer only once. And your employees can use it whether they’re at home, out on the road, in a meeting, or dealing with clients.

Increased productivity

Have you ever tried calculating the time your staff spends on sharing files, finding a printer, waiting for paper and other related supplies?

With Google Cloud Print, you’ll be able to streamline processes. Your staff will become productive because they will have files available to them no matter where they’re. Taking prints remotely won’t be an issue and this will save time for everyone.

Reduced cost

Google Cloud Print works with a single printer, which means you only need one printer per office. So if you have a single office, all you need is a single printer.

Your business will save on printers, paper, printer supplies, and power.

And it doesn’t end here.

You’ll save some serious bucks by moving to the cloud. Shifting to Google Drive means you don’t need to spend every month on IT, computers, servers, and backups. Everything will be stored online.

Cloud Print is an exceptionally easy-to-use service. Your staff is least likely to make any errors, and this helps your small business save a fortune on IT maintenance.

Google Cloud Print is secure

Google Drive and cloud printing are secure. The chances of getting hacked or losing your data are minimal. Only allowed employees can access files and printer from known devices and email addresses.

In fact, Google Cloud Print is more secure than traditional printers. You never know what your staff is using your printers for since they’re connected to individual machines. However, with cloud printing service, you know what they’re printing, who has initiated the print request, and the type of document.

Nothing gets out of your printer without your permission.

Improved control

With everything centralized and moving through a single admin account, monitoring gets easier. Whether it be documents or printer usage, you know what your team is up to.

Google Cloud Print helps you give access to the printer and files to the right employees at the right time, and you can revoke access anytime you want.

Not to mention, you always know what your employees are doing on any given day.

Google Cloud Print is a perfect printing and cloud solution for small businesses that want to use cloud without spending a lot of money and at the same time, want to keep control over their business. Need more growth for your small business? Talk with us today.