Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are now everywhere. But extensive use of these two PPC networks doesn’t make Bing Ads less important for your business. There are several businesses that still use Bing Ads because it has less competition and low cost per click (CPC).

A Bing Ad campaign won’t send heaps of traffic to your landing pages because it has a limited market share compared to Google. With limited traffic, there is little room for poor conversion rate. So following the tips below will certainly help you boost Bing Ad conversions.

Bing product ads

Product ad feature at Bing is your best bet. Product ads stand out from the rest of the ads and this is what gets searchers’ attention right away.

The best thing about a product ad is that you rarely have to optimize it for conversions. Why? Because product name, image, and price are clearly visible in the ad. People who click a product ad are very much likely to convert.

Instead of running simple text ads, switch to product ads now to boost conversions. Please note that this feature, however, is only available to US customers.

Improve quality score

Quality score is a metric that Bing uses to check how well your ads are performing and how helpful they are for users.

Quality score isn’t a measure of conversion rate but a high quality score means that your ads have decent CTR, are relevant, and have good landing page experience. This will lead to an increase in conversion rate.

An ad with a poor quality score is a clear indication of why visitors aren’t converting. Improving quality score by making ads relevant to the search query and making landing pages relevant as well will eventually lead to a high conversion rate.

Ad copy

Ad copy is directly related to conversion rate. It should be relevant to the landing page and your offer. Here is an example of a poor and irrelevant ad copy that will ruin your conversion rate.

The promise you make in the ad copy should be delivered exactly on the landing. For instance, if you’re selling laptops and you have used ‘free laptops’ in the ad copy, what do you expect visitors will do? They will leave your website immediately because they clicked on the ad to get free laptops, this is what you promised them.

The rule is simple: Be honest and don’t deceive your audience.

Use descriptive ads

The best technique to increase Bing Ads conversion rate is to pre-sell in the ad copy. Give as many details as possible about your product or lead magnet including price, benefits, etc.

This will skyrocket conversions because people who click on your descriptive ad are interested in your offer. Ads like these that give all the details convert at an exceptional rate.

Bing Ad extensions

Ad extensions supercharge your ads by making them prominent. Your ads stand out from the crowd and offer additional information that helps searchers.

For instance, a call extension lets your customers call you directly from their phone.

What’s better than people calling you directly after seeing your ad?

Bing Ads offer several extensions such as sitelink, location, call, review, image, callout, and several others.

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