Google Plus isn’t as popular as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram but it doesn’t mean it is any less important for your business. According to statistics, there are well over 395 million active Google+ users. Hence, it is a growing social networking site that has a lot to offer for your small business.

Here is how Google Plus can help your business.

Google Plus lets you engage with your audience

It is a social network and you should use it like one. Even if a mere 2% of your audience is using this particular social network, you cannot ignore them. And the fact is, a lot of people are on this social network.

Not having your business account and page on Google Plus means you’re losing customers. Because it provides you with an additional channel to connect, communicate, and engage with people who are interested in your business.

Local search results

Do you know My Business helps people find local businesses? You can connect your My Business account with your Google+ Business Page so that customers can find your business easily in local search results.

Here is an example.

This means your business will start ranking for local key terms relevant to your business. And this is the easiest way to drive targeted traffic from search engines.

SEO value

Studies show that Google Plus signals influence organic rankings. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore this critical ranking factor. This means having a business page will eventually pay off in the form of improved search engine ranking.

New posts are treated as social signals so try to make sure you have a lot of these social signals.

Less competitive

Not too many businesses are using it, and this is perhaps the best thing, as of now, about Google Plus. While your competitors are busy with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks, you can take advantage by tapping into a no-competition zone.

It will eventually become a competitive advantage for your business if you continue to use it rigorously. Secondly, you’ll be able to connect with a large chunk of people because your competitors are not targeting them on Google Plus.

How you can get started

If you don’t have a Business account yet, you’d need to create one first. Click here to create a My Business account. Google Plus is not the same as My Business.

With Google Plus, you can create a Business Page. It works like a Facebook Page. But creating a page won’t help your business rank for local searches (as discussed above). This is where My Business will rescue you. Linking My Business with Business Page is the right way to move forward.

You can connect your existing pages to your My Business account easily.

Update a cover photo, add business details, complete your business profile on your page, add a link to your Google Plus account on your website, and publish new content regularly to keep followers engaged.

Creating an account isn’t just enough. You should also share informative content and publish new posts so as to make it generate leads.

Does this seem like too much work? We have got you covered, don’t panic. We can help you create, connect, and manage your Google Plus account professionally. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.