Web Design Questionnaire

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This preliminary questionnaire is an important part of the website building process. It helps organize the goals for your project in a way that we can understand and use to accurately provide you with a proposal. Please fill out this document to the best of your ability. Once we get all of the information we need, we can begin preparing a proposal or set up a phone conference to get into the specifics.

- Contact Information -
Business or Organization Name
- About Your Organization -
Tell us about your company. What do you do? Where are you located?
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- General -
1. What is your current (or intended) web address/URL?
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2. Do you have a web host?
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3. If so, what are the technical specifications?
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4. What is the intended launch date for the new site?
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5. Have you already established a budget for this project?
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6. If so, please indicate your budget here:
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7. Can the project be divided into phase to account for budget and timing constraints?
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- Project Goals -
1. Briefly describe your concept for the site. What service should it provide?
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2. What is your main reason for this project (e.g. promote new product/service, make the site user friendly, target a specific audience)
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3. What end result would determine that the web site is a success (e.g. number of contact forms submitted or phone calls)?
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4. Are there other considerations that could impact the project schedule (e.g. new product launch, marketing campaign)?
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- Target Audience -
1. Describe a typical user who will visit your site (gender, age range, location, level of Internet experience). Provide more than one profile if applicable.
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2. What action(s) should a user perform when visiting your site (search for information, sign up for an account, purchase a product or service)?
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3. What are the key reasons why the target user chooses your company’s products or services (cost, service, value, etc.)
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4. Do you know how many people visit your site each day, week or month?
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- Content -

Please identify any pages or features you envision as part of your site:

About (Us)
Contact (Us)
Upcoming events
Special Features
Image Gallery
Newsletter/Email list sign-up
Information/request forms
Registration/customer login
Store/Shopping cart
Online payment
Customer surveys/polls
Please list any additional or custom pages you would like:
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- Identity -
1. Do you have a logo?
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2. Have you identified a tagline (e.g. “Reach out and touch someone”)?
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3. List any important words you want people to associate with your company image/brand:
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4. Do you have photos for your web site?
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5. Do you have graphics or other artwork for your web site?
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- Design -
1. Use words to describe the look and feel you want (e.g. clean, balanced, modern, friendly, corporate)?
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2. Is there a specific theme you had in mind to incorporate into the website?
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3. Do you have ideas of the colors to be used, and colors you don’t like?
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4. Do you have existing business cards or other printed materials we need to match?
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5. Please provide a list of websites you like or don’t like.
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6. Please provide a list of competitors’ websites.
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7. Do you have layout requirements or preferences?
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- Appointment -
Would you like an appointment?
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Dateif you want an appointment