About Us

Tafari Designs About Us

Our aim is to flawlessly establish your business online to achieve optimal results.

  • History

    The world is changing at a fast pace, but the digital presence and quality of companies hasn’t caught up to the growth. That’s where our diverse and international team stepped in and formed Tafari Designs.

  • Approach

    Listen to clients, study the market, assess the needs, and weave it all together with our unique flair and eye-catching creativity.

  • Culture

    From diverse backgrounds to diverse talents, our team places the utmost importance on respecting each other, our clients, and our creative vision.

  • Method

    Our simple method has proven itself timeless and effective across all mediums: Listen, communicate, and provide outstanding outcomes.

Our Vision

Simplicity in complexity. Complexity in simplicity.

Because we live at the intersection of design and creativity, we decided to specialize in digital. Our goal is to guide and advise our clients in order to help them navigate the sometimes not so easy to understand universe of the web.

We also aim to help companies connect with their customers, letting them know why they are ahead of the competition. When working, we get inspiration from the stars because we always aim sky high for our clients.


Completed Projects


Clients’ Growth


Client Satisfaction

Original Ideas, Practical Execution.

Tafari Designs maintains a portfolio spanning multiple sectors. Exponential growth, coupled with digital know-how and a hunger for our clients’ success, is our unifying theme.

We closely work with passionate designers and various partners in order to build unique, top of the line ideas and designs that bring something new to their respective industries.